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Kitten calls for backup

shibeme asked:

Hi, I just wanted to say I really love your art and you are just amazing! Thank for your art and wonderful doodles. Please never stop!






gosh you make me smile :’)

haha no I’m not amazing I’m sucks so sometimes I feel an impulse to delete everything. I’m scared and ashamed. drawing is just hobby I want quit but I’ll continue for you :)

You are amazing! I swear I get excited when I see your art, it’s absolutely lovely!

lol omg you’re so cute xD you’re one of my favorite person and artist seriously, they’re frickin’ adorable

I’m not really. But your little hijack comics are cute and hilarious! I really wish I had your drawing skills, even the other artwork you post is beautiful.

I’m giggling right now you don’t need to freak out xD

I’m not that kind of person to be looked up to by someone OTL I’m really nothing I don’t deserve it but thank you ;w; <3

But you’re one of my favorite artists and your work is incredible! I just think you’re amazing and yeah.

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