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The Sacrifice for Love- Close RP with Thehijackboysroleplay



Jack had been trying to busy himself while Hiccup cooked. He went around the room, setting up the chairs so they were neat. He even got out the old fine napkins and wine glasses that he had kept for special meetings with guests. Of course not many people cared about his decorations since they were cowering from him. 

He rooted through some other rooms, managing to find his stash of alcohols and wines. He grabbed a white wine, feeling it was right for the night. He was just finishing up pouring two glasses when Hiccup came back, two plates filled with food. He had set down the food and apologized. Jack waved him off and smirked. “I don’t suppose you want to pray to me now, do you?” He tilted his head and grabbed his wine glass, raising it. “How about a toast instead? To you.” He nodded, satisfied with himself, and took a sip, sighing at the slightly sour and sweet taste on his tongue. He had missed the taste of wine. 

"Now let’s see how this food tastes?" He grabbed a knife and fork, cutting into a piece of meat. He brought it to his lips and sniffed. It certainly smelled like a regular meal. "Well, here goes nothing," he teased. He ate it and chewed slowly. "I must say," the God said slowly, "you certainly know how to cook." He smiled and took another piece. "Reminds me of…" He stopped himself and chewed silently. Hiccup didn’t need to know about his sister or his human life. So he remained quiet, eating and drinking to occupy himself.

Hiccup smiled at the decorations, and allowed his fingers to lightly trace the napkin beside him, before placing it over his lap. He smiled as the God spoke, before tilted his head. “Do you hear our prayers at all? Or someone else up there?” He asked curiously. He didn’t want to sound pushy; but he wondered what life was like with the gods. Here he was; this tiny human, on a tiny earth- well, at least compared to out there, where the gods lived.

At the cut off, Hiccup looked up, and gave Jack a soft look. He bit his lip, and allowed himself to chance it, reaching a hand forward and resting it on the Gods knee. “I… I don’t expect you to tell me things, Jack… I understand there are secrets that are hidden for a reason; but I am here if you do want to talk. You’ve cut yourself off a few times since I’ve been here, and though I can’t find a reason as to why, I understand if you want to keep it to yourself.” He said softly.

"I’m not leaving Jack; not unless you ask me to… And even when you do that; I won’t be returning anywhere where I could tell anyone. There is no way I am returning to Berk." He turned to his food, and began to quietly cut it up and chew on it slowly, before taking a sip of the wine.

Jack swirled the wine in his glass at Hiccup’s question. “I’m not a strong enough god to answer prayers. I can only cause storms and all that. Only the ones who have not been cast down to earth can listen to prayers.” He gave a humorless laugh. “It’s like I’m the only deaf god.” 

At the hand on his knee, he stiffened. No one dared touch him like that. He turned his frosty gaze to the boy, ready to lash out. It wasn’t until Hiccup spoke that he calmed down. “It’s nothing that concerns you,” he said softly. He wasn’t trying to be rude, he just didn’t think telling his story would do any good for either of them. “Maybe one day you can learn about my past, though I can barely remember it myself.” He sighed and took a large drink of wine. 

He put down his glass and clapped his hands. “Let’s get rid of this dark atmosphere, I can’t eat like this.” He managed a smile and put his hand over Hiccup’s, giving a small squeeze. “Come now, eat and relax. I won’t be forcing you out anytime soon.” He slowly let go of the boy’s hand and went back to his food. “Who would cook for me if I got rid of you?” He chuckled and speared a piece of meat, popping it into his mouth.


Anonymous asked:

Also switched to Spanish without realizing it, my apologies, I'm learning Spanish at the moment and forget what language to use at times. But either way, the point is, mother fucker, this anime has ruined me as much as Free!

I fell asleep but yes, it has ruined my life too

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