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I’m really tired but hear me out


So when I visited my friend this past Friday she introduced me to an anime called Big Windup!, and I got absolutely hooked (so much so that we stayed up the entire night watching the first season). 

If you like Free! then you’ll LOVE this, it has a lot of cute moments (like seriously, ep. 3 has a lot of feels) for a show that’s not intended to be BL. You really enjoy the characters and they begin to grow on you (Tajima was excellent, I love him so much), they initiate this hand holding thing to tell if their teammate is relaxed or not and it’s mainly Abe and Mihashi that do it. Abe constantly checks on Mihashi’s state of being and tries to build up his confidence (and reliance on him and the team) due to Mihashi’s previous team causing him severe social anxiety due to nepotism at his old school (that’s why he’s seen crying a lot, and why he has such an issue with whether or not Abe - more than the others - likes him or wants him around).  

I was surprised to find that I was actually interested in the baseball narrating, I don’t like sitting through baseball games since they take so long and I don’t grasp the rules, but watching this I was cheering for the team and utterly baffled on some calls that the refs made (seriously, I was ready to throw something when they called an ‘out’ on a ‘safe’). I enjoyed this because the characters do inner narratives that help explain what’s going on and is really analytical and interesting (to me anyways). They don’t sit on the games (except towards the end of season 1 but that’s for drama and stuff and I thought it really helped build the feeling of the time period and such), and Mihashi can be seen improving in both his pitching and anxiety (though in subtle steps). 

I watched the dub and liked it well enough (Abe is voiced by Haku from Spirited Away), though apparently the second season is only subbed, so if that bothers you then heads up! The manga series extends past the second season (I haven’t heard or seen anything about a third season, this is about a 7 year old anime I’ve been informed, so I wouldn’t expect one now), but I plan on picking up where the anime left off because the manga and anime parallel each other so well! Please give it a chance, it’s chocked full of gay greatness!!!

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